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Parris Mayhew’s new band AGGROS are back with another crushing hardcore/metal epic song and video called, “City Kids”, the highly anticipated follow up to their debut song “Chaos Magic”.
“City Kids” is a landscape of a song, constructed from a conspiracy of Parris’ diverse musical influences. For this song those were primarily BLACK FLAG and RUSH.


The first song by The AGGROS ‘CHAOS MAGIC’ is an epic hardcore instrumental, packed with riffs and no need for vocals. The song was recorded live in one afternoon with little to no punches or overdubs and is shared in the NYHC tradition of releasing demos before a full-length release.


Most Cro-Mags fans are accustomed to a big rock production sound from Parris and his music, this time he kept it streamlined, stripped down and raw. Just a band playing songs. This new batch of songs is Parris' way of planting his flag again, the music will sound and feel familiar to anyone who knows his 3 previous albums on which he was the same songwriter and guitarist so AGGROS is that - and then some!” 


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