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  • AGGROS debut album RISE OF THE AGGROS. Comes with free download card.

    LP in red vinyl (transparent)


    Track list:

    1. Chaos Magic feat. Chuck Lenihan

    2. Sk8bored Fight feat. Chuck Lenihan

    3. Fear view mirror feat. Chuck Lenihan

    4. Best Destiny feat. Chuck Lenihan

    5. City Kids/Ghosts of New York/Haunted

    Total time: 33:18


    THE AGGROS will sound and feel familiar to anyone who knows Parris Mayhew's high-school band and the groundbreaking albums he made with them, THE AGGROS is simply a continuation for Parris as a songwriter, producer and guitarist, so it will be what fans expect and then some! Some people have called AGGROS "progressive hardcore" but it's NYHC to the core. The album also features some blazing guitar solos by Chuck Lenihan from CRUMBSUCKERS, blistering drums by COBZ, and Roy Mayorga joined Parris on drums for the track FEAR VIEW MIRROR.


    Impressions of the album:

    “Man, this is really creative! I thought that Hardcore had all been 'written' already. This is fresh and pretty damned excellent!”

    Phil Anselmo


    “This new album with IS A FUCKING BANGER. Big fan!”

    Macon Blair Director of GREEN ROOM and TOXIC AVENGER 2023



    Evan Seinfeld

    LP in red vinyl (transparent)-RISE OF THE AGGROS

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